The First Top 5 Tracks

So – this is the first Top 5 Tracks…

I’m going to be posting top-5-song playlists from all sorts of interesting people on this page – but to start things off, here’s my own top 5 of the moment.

These are the tracks I’ve been listening to – a mixed bag of moody female-fronted indie, punk rock and chilled electro.

Have a listen to the playlist on Spotify or play the whole set in the YouTube player below…

1 – Visions of Trees – Sometimes it Kills

I’m a bit late to the party with this one – but these guys are local, and it’s a lovely slab of chilled indie with some really pretty vocals. I love the way it kicks in at 2.26. Looking forward to catching them live… they’re playing CAMP on Nov 3rd.

2 – Piebald – American Hearts

This one is just a straight banger. Get the feeling it might be a total classic that I’d never clocked before…

3 – Daughter – Landfill

This one’s a moody number, but she’s got a cracking voice, and it’s been raining so all’s gravy. An excellent break-up lament.

4 – Tyrone Davis – Can I Change My Mind?

This might be my track of the summer, even if I’ve only discovered it right at the end. What a tune! So funky, so soully, great lyrics and the guitar is just shredding. Bravo.

5 – Joe Goddard & Valentina – Gabriel

Sounds like the 90s, gets you moving, sticks in your head, haunts you.

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