Franz Nicolay

What’s the man with the moustache listening to? GOOD QUESTION.

This top 5 comes courtesy of Franz Nicolay – Vaudevillian squeezebox-player extraordinaire.

Franz used to be in the Hold Steady, but now does a good line in popping up all over the place (is that him on stage with Against Me!?), and playing wicked solo shows with an accordion.

Franz has put together a list of crackers here – get listening and see what you think.

In his own words:

1 – Boxcar – Cary Ann Hearst & Michael Trent

Great Bonnie & Clyde story.

2 – On The Sly – Mischief Brew

This is your noise complaint! Best song on the best record of the year.

3 – Balthazar, Impresario – Frank Turner

On the list of “Songs I Wish I Had Written.” Anything about sad old vaudevillians hits my sweet spot. See also the animated movie “The Illusionist.”

4 – High Hawk Season – Mountain Goats

A few years ago, I gave Darnielle a copy of “Vox Inferne,” the World/Inferno a cappella project. He emailed saying he particularly liked “The Devil Boys’ Last Hurrah.” Now here we have JD with a male choir. I like to think that’s where he got the idea. Listen to ’em back to back.

5 – Your Sweet & Shiny Eyes – Bonnie Raitt

I know, but imagine Tom Waits singing this

Here’s the playlist:

Unfortunately Spotify’s not quite up to the task for all of the tracks – and YouTube doesn’t have the Bonnie Raitt tune. For the full package, best try a mix of both. Gorgeous.

The Mischief Brew tune is ace in my humble o-pin.

Now have a listen to this one from Franz:

Oui? – (photo credit: Miles Kerr)

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