Great Cynics

Today’s top 5 tracks is brought to you by… Giles from Great Cynics.

If you don’t know Great Cynics, then you need to sort that out, and go and listen to their album Don’t Need Much. It’s a banger – it’s summery, it’s bouncy, it’s punk-folky and it speaks my language.

Giles has submitted his top 5 songs that he’s into to at the moment – have a butchers and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

Subscribe to the Spotify list and sync it on your phone to take on the tube – or just press play on the YouTube player below, stick Firefox behind your spreadsheet and have a listen at work. Boom.

Over to Giles:

1 – The Lemonheads – Style

Me and Bob spend a lot of time sitting around at his place ordering takeaway and watching movies. We listen to The Lemonheads a lot and this song especially is played a lot.

2 – The Clash – Garageland

I’ve been YouTubing loads of Clash live videos in the last few weeks. This is my favourite Clash song; the simplicity of it is incredible.

3 – Jawbreaker – Accident Prone

This song is for depressed lovers.

4 – Operation Ivy – Unity

This is the first Operation Ivy song I got into and it’s still my favourite. I’ve been listening to a whole lot of Op Ivy, Rancid and No-Cash recently.

5 – Crazy Arm – Little Boats

I feel extremely lucky I get to see these guys on a regular basis. This is a song from their new album ‘Union City Breath’ and it slays. The first time I heard this was when we were recording an EP a couple of weeks ago in the studios where they recorded that album. We listened to it through the same speakers they first listened to it on, which was a pleasure.

Here’s the playlist (they’ll play in order if you click PLAY):

The Crazy Arm tune isn’t on YouTube yet – catch it on Spotify…

What do you reckon?

Also, check out the Great Cynics video below. And go see them live. That’s all for now. Toodles.

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