Summer Camp

Summer Camp make ace music with pretty vocals and catchy tunes. They should be on your radar, and in your ears regularly.

“I like Summer Camp –  I wonder what music they listen to themselves…” you constantly think to yourself.

Well here’s the answer, with a playlist put together by Elizabeth and Jeremy…

Read the band’s thoughts, press play on the YouTube player below, and then get back to work.

Over to SC:

1 – Fleetwood Mac – Everywhere

This is an amazing showcase for Christine Mcvie’s songwriting, keyboards and vocals. So beautiful, it sounds like bathing in a waterfall.

2 – Billie Holliday – Life Begins When You’re In Love

This was a big jukebox hit in the 30s or something. Joyous.

3 – AFX – Fenix Funk

This is one of Aphex Twin’s alter egos. Absolutely berserk, yet perfectly economic in its use of space. Apparently it was RDJ’s return to the analog techniques that first brought him to attention, but it sounds as robotic and cold as anything he’s done (in a good way)

4 – Arctic Monkeys – Cornerstone

We’ve just discovered Alex Turner, his solo ep for ‘Submarine’ is amazing, and we’re really into what he’s doing.   This is off an AM album, but it’s got Alex all over it.  His lyrics are so clever and funny, and he writes songs about girls in a really lovely way.

5 – Faith Evans – Love Like This

Just an all-time classic.  Emotional yet light and with an amazing beat.

Here’s the playlist – have a listen:

As per, Spotify almost delivers the goods, but is one track down. For the full experience, listen to the playlist in the YouTube player above. Lovely.

Now watch this one from Summer Camp:

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