The Computers

The Computers are BRILLIANT live. You should look them up right now and see when they’re playing near you.

Punk-Rock Rockabilly brought up on Rocket from The Crypt with a healthy dose of hardcore, suited and booted all in white, with combs in their pockets to slick back the quiffs. Perfect.

Dr. Nice Ron (bass) has put together his top 5 tracks for us – have a listen and see what you think…

Press play, then see what Ron has to say:

1 – Hot Snakes – No Hands

The first song I’ve chosen is called ‘No Hands’ by the amazing Hot Snakes. One of Speedo’s (who produced our album) many awesome bands. I ride my bike listening to this record a lot. It’s so immediate sounding and full of good groove, it makes me wanna cycle super fast! We’re supporting them on their reunion tour this December which is rather exciting as I never saw them the first time around.

2 – The Rolling Stones – Bitch

No. 2 is ‘Bitch’ by The Rolling Stones. I have the ‘Sticky Fingers’ LP which this song’s taken from. It’s never far from my record player, it’s probably one of the most listened to vinyl’s in my collection. My mum gave me this original pressing a few years ago when she cleared some stuff out of our loft. Awesome record!

3 – Darker My Love – Backseat

No. 3 is called ‘Backseat’ by a band called Darker My Love. I used to (still do) love a band called The Nerve Agents. In case you don’t know them, they’re this awesome kinda dark, gothy, hardcore punk band from north California who split up in about 2002. Anyway, so fairly recently I checked out what some of the members were doing now and stumbled across Darker My Love. This is their third record and it’s got an amazing 60’s/Byrds/Dylan sound with plenty of great hooks and grooves.

4 – Thee Oh Sees – Meat Step Lively

No. 4 is a song called ‘Meat Step lively’ by Thee Oh Sees from San Francisco. This whole record is amazing, it was so difficult to pick just one song! Everything about all the songs is so simple, there’s no flash musicianship or insane guitar solos. It just carries a really cool beat and this song ends with a bit of flute which sounds rad especially when played really loud! All of the vocals and guitars are recorded through an old Roland space echo and to tape which gives it a real 60’s vibe. Also v. good to cycle to I find!

5 – The Isley Brothers – Shout

My final song choice is ‘Shout’ by The Isley Brothers. This is a soul classic and I’ll never get bored of hearing it! The vocals are so cool and really quite raucous! It was recorded in 1959 but still sounds so fresh and exciting. Myself and Al run a club night in Exeter playing a lot of this sort of thing. It’s super fun and definitely the best kind of dance music!

What a wicked list right? Also Ron’s gone to town on these descriptions.


Now try one by the Computers:

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