Chas Palmer-Williams

Chas Palmer-Williams of Chas Ikstan and the Bon Bon Bons is the former frontman of LEGENDARY British Ska-band Lightyear.

Chas is a cracking lyricist – and he carries on delivering with his new material. If you live in the UK, you’re going to enjoy a lot of the references he throws in. Also he’s got a tattoo of a cup a beans man, so you know it’s all ok.

So here’s Chas’s top 5 in his own words…

1 – The Barker Band – Die tonight

Addicted to this song. I can’t help but feel strangely sad all the way through. But a good sad. It’s like putting Shmicheal the dog down. It’s heart breaking, but it needs to be done. The band has rollerbladers in.

2 – The Holdsteady – You Can Make Him Like You

I just think this is a perfect song. The structure, honesty, lyrics, not too complicated, great chorus. Just doesn’t get old. Fucking love this band. Girls and Boys of America is also a perfect album. Not cherry picking iTunes bollocks. Bring back the album! 10 singles is like having 10 chapters of the same content in a book. Shite.

3 – Crushing Blows – Liberate Yourself

A band from my home town Derby. But that is irrelevant really. They are just brilliant. Very original. One of those bands that you actually think deep down that you are listening to something very special.

4 – Notorious B.I.G. – Gimme the loot

Always liked hiphop but stayed away from Biggie for some reason (didnt like gangster stuff). This song just gets me ready to face the day. It makes me want to mug the day and steal its no. 1 mom pendant.

5 – The Mountain Goats – No Children

A massively depressing song which for some reason I find really romantic and positive. Maybe it’s like until you except a situation completely you can’t change it for the better.

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The Crushing Blows tune isn’t on Spotify or YouTube, so try it in this player:

And while you’re at it – have a go on Chas’s solo EP, and check out when his new band are playing at the links below. Deal.

Chas Palmer-Williams – We Showed Them Didn’t We

Chas Ikstan and the Bon Bon Bons

There’s no Chas solo stuff on YouTube yet, so here’s a classic Lightyear video: