Panda Su

This top 5 is from Fife’s own Panda Su. Su plays jaunty, melancholy-but-upbeat acoustipop which gets under your skin and makes you feel like everything’s probably going to be ok.

Panda Su has released two great EPs over the last couple of years, has had a tune featured in Skins and a couple of weeks ago she played a special show at Edinburgh Zoo to welcome some new pandas to the fold. Here’s hoping that we’ll see some new music and some more shows around the country in 2012…

Su’s put together the following top 5 for us, so pop your headphones in, press play and absorb.

Over to Su:

1 – School of Seven Bells – Face To Face on High Places

Taken from their album ‘Alpinisms’, Face to Face on High Places is full of tribal beats and lush vocal harmonies from the Deheza twins. Excellent train music.

2 – Bon Iver – Wash.

I’m sure the Bon Iver album will be gracing one or two ‘top 10’ lists for 2011. Wash. is my favourite track, once again proving the age-old saying that simple is always most effective.

3 – Warpaint – Billie Holiday

This song has been in my head all week and is taken from the Exquisite Corpse EP. Four girls who can play instruments and look that good at the same time? I’m in love.

4 – Sufjan Stevens – I Walked

I’m been a fan of Sufjan since I first heard his Seven Swans album in 2004. I’ve not had a chance to see many shows this year but I made sure I got along to see his when he was in the UK this Summer. The Age of Adz is said to be influenced by self-proclaimed ‘prophet’ Royal Robertson, who scribbled pictures of mythical creatures and intergalactic beings after his wife left him. Cool, huh? One of my favourite songs of 2011 – and probably the best live show I’ll ever see.

5 – Delilah – Love You So

I heard this on the radio the other day. London’s own Lykke Li, Delilah is only 20 and apparently influenced by Barbara Streisand and N.E.R.D. Strangely enough, I don’t hear either of those influences in this, which is probably why I quite like it.

Here’s the playlist:

Any of those tickle your fancy?

I heartily recommend you go check out Panda Su if she plays near you.

For the time being, have a listen to this:

(photo by Portis Wasp)

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