∆ (ALT-J)

Alt-J (∆) are hotly tipped… bass drops, staccato guitars, funky drumming and an air of mystery are the order of the day here. Basically, seeing them live is STRONGLY recommended.

The guys in the band tore themselves away from last-minute Christmas shopping to put together a top 5 for us, so get listening to the playlist below.

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Over to Alt-J…

These are the tunes that Alt-J are listening to at the moment:

1 – Azealia Banks – 212

2 – Lady Leshurr – Lego

3 – Dam Mantle – Movements

4 – Vektor – Outter Isolation

5 – The Peppermint Lounge – African Orange

Here’s the playlist yo:

Now viddy this one from Alt-J, and ENJOY:


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