Frank Turner

Frank Turner needs no introduction…

If you don’t already know him, then you need to pull yourself together, purchase his back catalogue quick-smart and start listening.

He seems to always be on tour, and enough people are catching on that he’s going to be playing Wembley Arena (!) in April.

Frank’s taken some time out of his hectic schedule to put together the following list of tunes he’s into at the moment – so open your ears and press play.

Over to Frank:

1 – Heart Of The Continent – John K Samson

John is the singer in the Weakerthans, one of my favourite bands. He kindly gave me an advance copy of his solo album at the end of last year and I cannot stop listening to it, it’s beyond awesome.

2 – Wishing Well – Jim Lockey & The Solemn Sun

Jim is a friend and recently signed to Xtra Mile Recordings. He’s an amazing songwriter, definitely going places, the album is fantastic.

3 – Sticks And Stones – Jamie T

I love Jamie T, he’s a great (sub)urban poet, a generational voice and a great songwriter. The latest album is wonderful, particularly this song.

4 – What Are You Willing To Lose? – Lucero

I’ve toured with Lucero many times, and they’ve put out a lot of albums, but I genuinely think that the last one is the best. Ben has a way with words, and I have a soft spot for classic American bar room rock.

5 – On God’s Rocky Shore – Cahalen Morrison & Eli West

My brother-in-law gave me this bluegrass record for Christmas, it’s great, very earthy and raw. This song has been stuck in my head for ages.

Press play in the window below and the whole playlist will play through…


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