Vic Ruggiero – The Slackers

Vic Ruggiero is the frontman of legendary New York ska heroes the Slackers. He’s also guested on tracks by Rancid & the Transplants, and his accent is awesome. Just check the video at the end of the post for proof.

Vic’s been good enough to drop us his current top 5 – so stuff it in your ears – and if the Slackers are playing near you, then get yourself down there. You will NOT regret it.

Here’s Vic’s top 5:

1 – Lovin Spoonful – Rain On The Roof

Cool mellow album with awesome acoustic sounds

2 – Donovan – Hurdy Gurdy Man

The best echo and “rolly polly rolly polly…”

3 – MC5 – I Can Only Give U Everything

Them did it first, but the MC5 murder it. Wayne Kramer and a little more vocal variety.

4 – Pink Floyd – Fearless

Beautiful melody and a little twisted. The sincerity in the vocals!

5 – Skip James – Crow Jane


Press play in the player below, then go about your business and the whole list will play through:

Cool. Now go and tell your twitter followers how good the Slackers are.

The Slackers: