AK/DK are a digital riot of synths and drums – chaotic, hypnotic and a whole lot of fun.

They’re a duo from Brighton, and both of them play drums live, which makes for quite the stage show… make sure to check them out while they’re on tour.

AK/DK have been kind enough to swing by with a cracking top 5 here, so pop the headphones in, and press play yo.

Over to AK/DK:

Here are the tracks that are appearing on the tour bus playlist at the moment:

1 – Roll The Dice – See You Monday

Their ‘History in Dust’ album has been on constant repeat – love the combination of minimal synths, piano and loops. We saw them play at All Tomorrows Parties last Christmas and were amazing.

2 – ARP – Pastoral Symphony: 1. Domino 2. Infinity Room

This is a beautiful album from a couple of years ago – kind of retro floaty synths and drones. Great to fall asleep to…

3 – FC Judd – Automation

Fred Judd was a British electronic music pioneer from the 1960s. He was largely forgotten about until Ian Helliwell; a friend of ours, curated this collection of old recordings for the Public Information record label. This track has similarities to Raymond Scott‘s 60’s electronic music – another favourite and key influence on the AK/DK sound.

4 – Napoleon IIIrd – Leaving Copenhagen

The whole album; Christiania by Napoleon IIIrd, is incredible. He’s a close friend, and it’s not often that you can have your favourite artists as friends too. We sometimes play drums for his live shows, and he’s gonna be playing with us at the Green Door Store, Brighton for our single launch on the 20th April.

5 – Suuns – Arena

Another favourite at the moment – we’ve always been fans of Clinic and you can hear their influence on this track. Love the rawness of the sound on this album.

 Press play in the player below and the tracks will play through…

Here are the links for the tunes that aren’t on YouTube:

Roll The Dice – See You Monday

FC Judd – Automation

And finally have a listen to this one from AK/DK themselves…

Excellent eh?!

Check more AK/DK here:    http://akdk.bandcamp.com/