Tom Williams & The Boat

Folk is still SO hot right now. And Tom Williams & The Boat do the anti-folk thing really well. These guys are going to be the soundtrack to a lot of people lying in a field this summer – sunburnt people, clutching cans of cider and £8 bacon rolls.

Tom has put together the following top 5 – so give it a go, and maybe you’ll find a peach that you hadn’t heard before…

Over to Tom:

1 – Speed Trials – Elliott Smith

I’d love to make a record that sounded like this. I used to do so much home recording when I was younger, but I did it so much that I broke the, ‘Record’ and, ‘Play’ button on my 8 track! Elliott Smith got me through a lot of rainy teenage days, and is still rarely out of my headphones. Either/Or is my favourite album of his.

2 – Cosmic Dancer – T-Rex

When Marc Bolan got it right, it feels like he tapped into a magic that was always in the atmosphere, but until now, had been just out reach. There’s something about the absence of the lyric, and the string arrangement, that just makes me glaze over. I think it’s just 8 or 10 verses, no chorus… Or maybe it’s JUST chorus haha! For me it’s Abbey Road meets Hunky Dory, and it’s just perfect.

3 – Downbound Train – Bruce Springsteen

My mum is a massive Springsteen fan, so I was initiated in the womb. Springsteen described this song as the saddest song he’d ever written, and for that at least, it deserves to be in this list. The whole lyric is perfect but, “Now I work down at the car wash, where all it ever does is rain” is one of favourite lines of all time. “Don’t you feel like you’re a rider, on a down bound train” is just stunning.

4 – Everything Flows – Teenage Fanclub

The song is so melodic, and so well constructed, and it just sits back, shrouded, beneath this wall of guitars. The vocal mumbles along, only audible at times, but you know it’s just perfect. It’s so perfect it sounds like it fell out the sky fully formed, like Cosmic Dancer, and all it needed was ANY lyric, just anything, and the melody would carry it.

5 – Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat – Bob Dylan

When people say they like Dylan, or talk about Dylan, this is the Dylan I think about. This is the swaggering, adolescent, cocky shaman with his finger in the socket. Language just falling out of him, and his band just on it. No one does bitter break ups like Dylan, and he’s just plain nasty and mean. I love it!


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And here is one from Tom Williams & the Boat:

Their album is out later this month – you can get it, along with some other saucy deals from the band (drum lesson anyone?) from PLEDGE MUSIC.  Pick it up. Lovely.