Apologies, I Have None

Apologies, I Have None are a UK punk rock band from London-town. They write heart-on-sleeve anthems about sitting on park benches, turbulent relationships and bus routes. They’re absolutely brilliant.

Dan (vocals, guitar) has put together his top 5 tracks for your listening pleasure. So listen already.

Over to Dan:

1 – Menzingers – Deep Sleep

Although the new record is amazing, it’s this song from their previous release ‘Chamberlain Waits’ that hooked me. The opening vocal is classic Menzingers – desperate and full of emotion and it’s this that makes them stand head and shoulders above most other bands.

2 – Ghetts – Karma

From Ghetts’ new mixtape ‘Momentum’, this piano driven song shows Ghetts’ versatility at it’s best. His technical ability with wordplay and rhyme never gets in the way of his story and his vocal delivery is absolute genius.

3 – Nina Simone – Take Me To The Water

This is the first song I listen to in the morning and the last song I listen to each night. Every single day.

4 – Sam Russo – Letting Go

Sam is the most talented songwriter and singer that I know and his contribution to the split with Chuck Ragan is his best recorded material yet. I chose ‘Letting Go’ for this article, but all three songs on the split are equally amazing, as is his back catalogue.

5 – Grade – The Tension Between Stillness And Motion

This is the song that we took our band name from and despite me over-playing this album every few months, it’s still one of the best records I have ever heard. There’s not a single song I don’t love and it’s my go-to record when I don’t know what I want to listen to.

Press play to listen:

Pretty strong set eh? I would recommend following AIHN on twitter HERE to hear about their next show. Also follow us HERE to get more new music from awesome bands.

Well done. Now let’s relax with some Apologies I Have None:

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