Falls are from North Wales, they play “Gash Pop, Fuck Rock, Post Everythings, Slut Jungle” and they’re going to melt your face.

They’re sort of a love-child combination of System Of A Down and Pulled Apart by Horses, mental, intense and totally ridiculous. I want to see them live. I imagine they’re amazing.

Check them out in the player at the bottom of the page – but before you do that, here’s their top 5 tracks at the moment…

1 – Hawk Eyes – “Bears by the Head”

When I first heard the end riff (at 3 minutes 24 seconds) my jaw dropped and I since haven’t been able to close it. Chewing when eating is becoming a major problem, and I have probably developed gingivitis in the wake of this, but it is so, so worth it.

2 – Thin Lizzy – “Cold Sweat”

This is at guitarist Phil’s request. It was, in his own words “the first RIFF that ever kicked my arse, when I was about 7 and gratuitous fingertapping makes me wet.” Plus Thin Lizzy are just fucking cool.

3. Every Time I Die – “No Son Of Mine”

Monstrously brilliant opening track to “The Big Dirty” record – this is all our frontman Martin has been singing for months, which, unfortunately, did him no good during his Eurovision audition.

4 – Talons – “Anthropods”

Despite our drummer being a mute, he does manage to occasionally utter the words “Talons are fucking mint” in between quaffing pints of his own blood.

5 – Hodgy, Domo Genesis & Tyler, The Creator – “Rella”

Tyler, The Creator is one of our more prominent lyrical influences, alongside Andrew Lloyd Webber’s “Phantom of the Opera”.

Playlist is below – have a listen…

Here are the ones that aren’t on YouTube:

Hawk Eyes – Bears by the Head

Talons – Anthropods


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Riffy innit? Lovely.

Here they are:   http://www.facebook.com/fallsband

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