Joey Cape – Lagwagon

Joey Cape is the frontman of skate-punk legends Lagwagon, an amazing solo artist in his own right, the singer in Bad Astronaut and the guitarist of punk-rock all-star covers band Me First & the Gimme Gimmes. He knows his stuff.

Joey has taken some time to pull together his top 5 tracks for us – another top 5 from more punk-rock royalty is coming VERY soon – follow @top5tracks on twitter to stay updated:

Now read what Joey has to say, press play in the window below and listen to the whole top-5 while you go about your business…

Here is my top 5 (tunes I’m listening to at the moment)

1 – “Survivor Blues” – Cory Branan

“I love this song and this guy. Cory’s music is just exceptional in style. I remember touring with Cory a few years back when he had just finished “Mutt”. It took forever for “Mutt” to get out there. Worth the wait people. It’s a great record.”

2 – “Passenger Side” – Wilco

“This was the  first song that I connected with by Wilco. I was too west coast to know much about Uncle Tupelo, but when I heard A.M. I was instantly a fan of Jeff Tweedy’s songs. I discovered Sun Volt and Jay Farrar about the same time, which led to Tupelo. But “Passenger Side” is still my favorite. Simple and perfect.”

3 – “Resolutions” – Dave Hause

“Dave Hause is a positive force in the music world and my world in general. He truly cares about his craft as a songwriter and is in his highest gear at the moment. The guy bleeds inspiration, ambition and commitment. He has extraordinary purpose and he’s willing to take risk but, all the while, he is humble when necessary. I love him. Resolutions is such a killer record. Great songs and almost more importantly, great lyrics”

4 – “Leaving In The Morning” – Drag The River (Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys)

“There’s a funny story here. When It’s Crazy was completed I listened and immediately decided this was my fave new Drag song. Well, I told Jon and Chad and found out it was a cover by Lenny and The Piss Poor Boys. I was a bit embarrassed and maybe hurt their feelings a bit. All good now. Jon and Chad have so many songs I love. I just have to say, this is one of my favorite songs they were involved with. It sounds like a lost Johnny Cash or Kris Kristofferson track.”

5 – “The Things That I Will Keep” – Guided By Voices

“G.B.V. are just one of those bands most American songwriters like me encounter at some point in life. This is a later track by them but I just connect with it. Do The Collapse is such a great record. I definitely stole some melodies from it. Unintentionally and intentionally. Call it Homage. Haha”

Have a listen through the whole playlist in the player below…

You know Lagwagon right? If not, sort your life out, and listen to this:

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