French Films

Today’s top-5 comes from Finnish electro-indie-rock newcomers French Films.

These guys have a good ear for a tune, and they’re on a lot of people’s must-see lists this summer. This is a good thing, because their live show is surprisingly raw and raucous – just how we like it.

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Over to French films…

1 – The Pastels – Sit On It Mother:

“Great song from a very great band indeed, Stephen Pastel is a genius.”

2 – Ramones – Howling At The Moon:

“Their slightly more electronic number without sounding any less themselves. They were so much more than just another punk band. Almost every one of their songs contains catchy pop hooks and brilliantly simple songwriting in a unique way. Best to listen in parties or after listening to some really psychedelic album to put your feet back on earth.”

3 – Warsaw – No Love Lost:

“Earlier era of Joy Division. Brilliant song with interesting production.”

4 – Kaleidoscope – Kaleidoscope Song:

“Kaleidoscope’s Tangerine Dream album is a great psychedelic record. This song is more poppy but still has that strong vibe that makes your imagination fly. A sunny tune, yet a bit dreamy.”

5 – Rolling Stones – Jumping Jack Flash

“Drummers only like to count up to four, but here’s one more – it’s a gas!”

Here’s the playlist yo (Spotify was useless this time):

And here’s one from French Films. Go check them out:

See you next time.