OFF! are a full-on hardcore punk supergroup… sporting former members of Black Flag, Circle Jerks, Burning Brides and Rocket From The Crypt.

They play back-to-basics old-school hardcore, and they’ll take your face off. We heartily recommend checking them  out live if you get the chance.

Keith Morris (vocals) has given us his own top 5 tracks of the moment – so click like in the facebook box on the right, then listen up…

Yeah these little lists can be a pain in the brain ’cause there’s so much really good music goin’ on but I’ll pull some songs offa’ my iTunes and off the top of my head to get this mess started, here goes…..


1. BASS DRUM OF DEATH – “Get Found”  

Well the best rawk ‘n’ roll incites one to get up and shake one’s ass and these guys from Mississippi definitely pull this off! Put their “GB City” recording on yer’ turntable or crank it in yer’ ghetto blaster and GET DOWN! BDOD are some of the new kids on the street doin’ this musical stuff and I hope they’re making way happening noise forra’ long time! They’re on Fat Possum Records and FPR’s releasing a bunch’ new cool bands including The CROCODILES.


This scuzzed out, raunchy, skronk fest is a take on The PRETTY THINGS’ “L.S.D.” and another “Party Favorite”. This tune pulls off the supreme asssignment of giving the guys stiffys and getting the gurlz wet, wild and excited. One crazy song to launch the Fiesta! BOB consist of members from The SCIENTISTS, HOODOO GURUS and a couple’ others and reside on the continent and penal colony known as Australia which TOTALLY rools!


“I wanna’ sniff glue ’cause I can’t get over you” are the lyrics that start this kooky keyboard/guitar/bass/drum driven RAMONES meets The HIVES butt bumper. So catchy that yer’ parents will probably be a digging’ on it…so split a couple’ six packs and jump off the tables and sofas! Some of Sweden’s best….right up there alongside ABBA.

4. COBRA VERDE – “Riot Industry” 

These Clevelanders kick in a sweaty straight up stomper that’s sure to make your brain bounce off the sides of yer’ cranium. The extra added bonus of CB is that they’re so good they backed the genuinely genius ROBERT POLLARD on GUIDED BY VOICES’ “Mag Earwhig!”…..HELL YEAH along with some group sexology.

5. THE CRAMPS – “Primitive” 

Okay now we’ll pull it back a few notches so you can dim the lights, slow dance with yer’ honey or cut over to put the “Spanish Fly” in the punch bowl. What’s so insanely brilliant ’bout the CRAMPS is their ability to strip all their tuneage down to it’s bare minimum, no frills or “Hey look at me and what i’m playing” and pull off hauntingly boss music. Toss in sum whacked out rockabilly or surf rawk goofballisms, really bad grade Z teenage horror/science fiction movie story lines and it’s..SUPERHEROES UNITE TO SAVE US FROM THE CRAMPS! REST IN PEACE LUX INTERIOR you were and always will be one of the great characters.

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Now check OFF’s list – press play and they’ll all play through. The Beasts of Bourbon tune isn’t on YouTube or Spotify, so maybe go buy the vinyl. Yep.

Done. Now check out this one from OFF! and see why Anthony Kiedis always wears an OFF! trucker-hat these days…

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