The Echo Friendly

The Echo Friendly have stopped by to tell us their top 5 tracks….

These guys are a Brooklyn boy-girl duo, which seems to be a genre in and of itself at the moment. ANYWAY they play great indie-electro with lots of space and catchy hooks. Give the video at the bottom of the page a go. You’ll like it.

Jake and Shannon have done us a list each – plenty to wrap your ears around.

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Jake’s picks:

1) Why Oh Why: Tiger High

Tiger High is a Memphis band and 2 of the guys in the band, Jake Vest and Greg Faison played on all of the Echo Friendly recordings and used to fly up to NY to play shows with us.  Toby Vest, the keyboard/guitarist engineered Same Mistakes at his studio High/Low where we record everything and the drummer, Greg Roberson was the original drummer in the reigning sound. They are powerful as fuck.

2) Spiritualized: So Long you Pretty Thing

This album is so great and we just saw them play at Terminal 5 and it was unbelievable.

3) Wreckless Eric: The Whole Wide World

We heard Mikal Cronin cover this at SXSW and it reinvigorated my love for the original recording. It’s so romantic and poppy but also so tough.

4) Galaxie 500: Ceremony

I have to listen to this at least once a week to get my head right. In my fantasies they are playing it for 12 minutes and building to huge crescendos in my brain as I ride my bike around Greenpoint.  Shannon and I read Dean Wareham’s memoir “Black Postcards” aloud to each other on New Years Eve this year.

5) Lee Hazlewood: No Trains to Stockholm

Lee is a constant for me and a huge influence on everything I do. I recently heard this song sampled by Daughn Gibson on his song “Rain on the Highway” (which also totally rules) and it made me go back and start playing my “Cowboy in Sweden” lp over and over again.

Shannon’s picks:

Honestly I’ve been listening to the birthday mixtape Jake just gave me, but i can’t list any of those songs because that shit’s personal. I’ve been sick this week so this is my fever-y playlist.

1) Taste of One by Ace of Cups

Just discovered this song on my friend’s East Village Radio show called Chances With Wolves. Check it out, it rules. This song came on and I immediately looked for the album and it is really special.

2) Precious One by Greg Oblivian & the Tip Tops

Jake introduced me to him and took me to see the Compulsive Gamblers reunion show our first time in Memphis. I’ve worshipped him ever since. Greg, I mean.

3) Baby It’s You by Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

I love Owen Ashworth’s songwriting so much. I don’t know anyone else who vibes to this song like I do, but at 3:29 it just destroys me.

4) Superstar by Sonic Youth

The other day it was raining and I listened to this about 8 times in a row walking home over the Pulaski bridge to Brooklyn. Amazing cover.

5) It’s So Hard to Fall in Love by Sentridoh

My big brother put Spoiled on a mixtape for me when I was like 12 and miserable and I loved it. I was super excited Lou Barlow reissued Weed Forestin’ on cassette recently. It sounds real good. I always loved this song on the Sebadoh Rocking the Forest EP but I like this version even more.

Here’s the playlist (some aren’t on YouTube, so try the Spotify list) – peep it:

Now have a go on this one from The Echo Friendly…

Is it just us, or is there a bit of the XX in there? Whatever. It’s good. Watch ’em.