Ambassadors are Brooklyn types, who play jerky indie-soul with great vocals.

Have a go on their video at the bottom of the page – you’ll like it. Superb percussion action.

The guys have taken some time out from their first UK tour to put together their top 5 tracks for us. Have a look at their choices, then have a listen to the tracks they picked on Spotify, or in the player below…

1. Jai Paul – “jasmine”

This is probably our collective favorite of the year. It’s incredible the buzz this guy has generated with only releasing 2 songs in the past 2 years, but it’s totally deserved. His vocals are a bit reminiscent of some late 90s smooth r&b… A little d’angelo maybe… but the beat sounds like something a producer like 40 (drake’s main dude) could have done. Fucking awesome.

2. Usher feat. Diplo – “climax”

Such a kick ass pop record. Most of the stuff I’ve heard of Diplo’s is usually pretty adrenaline-d out, but this one is really subtle and understated. And when he does something like that with someone with a voice like usher’s… Game over. This is a slinkiest, creepiest, sexiest r&b song we wish we had written.

3. Fiona Apple – “hot knife”

We heard this on the radio the other day and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. From the minute it came on, the car went totally silent. We were all just completely captivated by it. Those drums sound so god damn cool, and she sounds as sultry and ferocious as ever. “im a hot knife, im a hot knife/ im a hot knife, hes a pad of butter” ??? Such a great line. Also, an AMAZING record as a whole.

4. Bobby Womack – “please forgive my heart”

Bobby Womack, Damon Alburn, and Richard Russell. Need i say more? This album is one of our favorites so far of 2012 and this track, the lead single off it, chills to the bone. His voice hasn’t changed a bit since “across 110th st”; still just as rough around the edges and still soulful as hell. Love the synth work on this too..

5. Kindness – “House”

Totally wrote this dude off the first time we heard of him; he had tons of blog hype around him when that replacements cover came out a year or two ago, and it’s easy to get skeptical when everyone you know is going crazy over some new blog-hyped band. One of our girlfriends recommended it after she listened to him, so we gave it a go. And it totally lived up to the hype. This song is our favorite off the record.

Here’s the whole playlist on YouTube, have a listen:

Or for those with Spotify, subscribe to the playlist on THIS LINK or press play below.

And finally… here is one from Ambassadors. Boom.

Lovely. Now follow top5tracks on Twitter, then go about your business.

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