Boy Kid Cloud

Boy Kid Cloud is riding the tail end of the wub-bassline dubstep train, but he’s doing it with some pretty good falsetto vocals, and an upbeat tone.

It’s an interesting mix – the aggressive bro-step bassline, with pure-pop vocals and jaunty keyboard lines. It’s pleasing to the ear.

Boy Kid Cloud has picked out his current top 5 tracks for us – so check it below. Also, it seems that his brother is in the Fun Lovin Criminals?! That was a new one to us…

1) Fatal Star – ‘Prayers for Protection’

(This is an album, but I don’t care, sorry!) This album is the reason I make music. Every single second of this album is beautiful there’s no way I could pick a single track. The music on this album is indescribable to me.

2) Prince – ‘Starfish & Coffee’

Prince is a massive inspiration to me. He play’s ever instrument going sings better than anyone on earth either falsetto or baritone or in between. This song is one of the first songs I can remember hearing in my life, (this and Biz Markie – ‘Just A Friend’).  My Brother used to play this and ‘Alphabet Street’ to me when I was a little kid. I’ve listened to Prince all my life thanks to my Brother.

3) Beatles – ‘Michelle’

My Mum introduced me to the Beatles. I can’t explain my love for them and this song reminds me of dancing around the house singing with my Mum and having no worries.

4) Rage Against The Machine – ‘Microphone Fiend’

Rage are/were/have been a massive point in music for me. Again, my Brother played me their music in my bedroom when I was about 13 and I hated it. I listened to them for a week though and fell in love with everything about them. This song is such a heavy power-house of a song. Their ability to make a simple riffs and mostly a 4/4 beat sound like something you could never do, no matter how hard you tried or how loud you turn your guitar up. It baffles me. Everything they stood for as a band was also something that I loved. They did more with their music than anyone else, it was a movement.

5) Quintus – ‘Old Guitar’ (Original Electric Lady Land Demo)

This song isn’t on the internet. The new version (which isn’t anywhere near as good) is though, so don’t judge me on that. My Brother was recording in New York with his band Fun Lovin’ Criminals at the Electric Lady Land Studio’s and found a CD on the side. It was this song and three others on one disc. It’s simple music played by 19 year-olds who sound like they are about 50 and have been playing Jazz their entire lives. The new version sounds like Star Sailor.

Lovely stuff. Here’s the Spotify link so you can subscribe to the playlist and listen at your leisure:


Or alternatively, just click play here and it will open in Spotify:

And for those without Spotify, here’s the list in a YouTube player. Just click play:

Here’s the Quintus tune (new version):

And here’s some Boy Kid Cloud. Give it a go. Wub.

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