Ginger – The Wildhearts

You should already know the Wildhearts. If you don’t, then sort yourself out and go listen to Earth Vs. the Wildhearts. It’ll rock your socks off.

Ginger is the frontman of said band, and has recently been releasing excellent solo material off the back off a huge pledgemusic campaign – and he’s tickled the charts with a fully independent release. Check out his pledgemusic page HERE.

Ginger has also taken some time out to pull together his top 5 tracks for us – so sit down, turn it up, and press play below. And while you’re listening, follow @top5tracks on Twitter (or click LIKE in the facebook box over on the right) for an easy way to find EXCELLENT new music. Deal.

Over to Ginger…

Phantom Limb – ‘Gravy Train’

Phantom Limb come from Bristol, sound like Aretha Franklin singing country with Black Crowes, and have a timelessness that I’m so very addicted to that I’m actually starting to worry.  I’ve been unable to play little else for quite a while now. Yolanda Quartey has a voice that produces similar emotional responses to that of freshly cut grass. Utterly spellbinding stuff.

Jason & the Scorchers – ‘White Lies’

This song was probably responsible for me leaving home to pursue music, and was written by their drummer, Perry Baggs, who very recently passed away. Sad news indeed. I was lucky to play as support with Jason & the Scorchers way back in 96′ or something, and spent most of the night chatting with Perry. A wonderful guy and an incredible talent. Amazing harmony singer too. I’ve since sang for them for one tour and co-written their latest album, but hanging with Perry was one of my fondest JatS memories.

Tegan & Sara – ‘Fix You Up’

The sound of pure joy. I play this track anytime I need to feel the power and inspiration of music, or even when I’m in a great mood, like today. Tegan and Sara write songs that make you feel it’s not only okay to be vulnerable and human, but that it’s also the coolest club in town. That’s the kind of inspiration I wish I saw more of in music.

Danny Elfman – ‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure (end credits)’

I was driving to a friends house the other day, and this came on my iPod shuffle just as I was pulling up. I had to circle his house until it was finished. Just a masterclass in music structure, with personality dripping from every beautifully crafted segment. It’s a great film and the composer is every bit the match of the movies star, Paul Reubens, and its director Tim Burton. Danny Elfman joins Clint Mansel, John Carpenter, Ennio Morricone, John Williams and John Barry in my personal favourite movie score composers.

Imani Coppola – ‘State Of The Art’

New York’s Imani Coppola is, for my money, one of the greatest musical talents in the world today and has an independent drive that leaves me feeling so very proud to believe in a D-I-Y ethic in making music. She can get pretty fierce but also has a wonderful soft side to her songs that is even more touching when sat aside her more caustic material. This song comes from her brand new album, ‘The Glass Wall’, due out this year, and makes whatever is passing as pop music these days seem redundant and powerless. Put simply, this is as essential as modern music gets.

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(The Imani Coppola tune isn’t on YouTube – check it HERE)

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Done. Here’s one from the Wildhearts for those who don’t know em: