Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun hail from Cheltenham, and play country-folk-rock-punk that will soothe your souls.

Shaking off comparisons with the current indie-folk scene, JL&TSS inject a fair bit more rock into proceedings – and it works a treat.

Have a go on their tune at the bottom of the page, you’ll like it. Yep.

The band have pulled together their top 5 tracks for us below – so check em out, and have a listen in either YouTube or Spotify. Get the headphones in… NOW.

1. Listener – Wooden Heart

I think Dan Smith is the greatest lyricist in the world, and this song is a perfect example of his talent. Listener are one of my favourite bands and though this album came out in 2010 I haven’t stopped listening to it, and probably never will.

2. Canned Heat – Going Up The Country

This song has to be in our top 5, it always reminds me of driving through Scotland in the sun on the way to a show, and is a staple song on the van playlist when we’re on tour, a perfect driving song.

3. Andy Oliveri – Yellow Balloon

Andy O is one of our closest friends and musical allies and this is one of his perfect songs, a slightly stronger pop edge to his usual hits but still catchy as hell and beautifully delivered.

4. Manchester Orchestra – Virgin

I, quite regrettably, have only got into this band recently though i’ve trawled through their entire back catalogue since then. Its pretty hard to pick a ‘best’ Manchester Orchestra but this one is my highest played from Simple Math and again is a constant in the van.

5. Refused – Deadly Rhythm

Because they’re the best band in the history of the world and because I’m unbelievably excited to see them in August after resigning myself to the reality that i’d probably never get the chance to. This song is a stand out for me on TSOPTC and its probably the best intro to a song ever.

Have a listen – for YouTube click play and the list will play through…

Or if you have Spotify HERE’S THE PLAYLIST LINK – or click play below. Subscribe to the list and sample at your leisure:

Here’s one from JL&TSS – bet you’ll be quietly headbanging when it kicks in at the end.

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