Buck 65

Buck 65 is Richard Terfry… a Canadian hip-hop / spoken word / turntable chap who tells great stories over mellow folky bouncy beats. Awful description, but he’s ace. Try it for yourself, and thank us later.

Richard has put together his current top 5 tracks for us – and it’s a wicked list. So press play below, give it a listen, and find yourself some new favourite music. Lovely.

Over to Buck 65…

1. Karen Elson – Winter’s Going

This is an old song by a Canadian folk singer named Bonnie Dobson. I’ve always loved the original. It’s fairly obscure, I think, so I was super-surprised to see Ms. Elson had covered it, but she did a great job. It’s a very faithful cover. Her voice is nice.

2. Personal and the Pizzas – Pepperoni Eyes

A friend was doing sound for one of their shows and dragged me out. It was super-fun. Lots of laughs. And the band bought free pizza for the crowd! It’s so dumb, but I love it.

3. Lydia Lunch – Atomic Bongos

This song kinda sounds like it could have been released today. It’s so tough. In my fantasies, there were outsider b-boys breaking to this song back in 1980. Why not?!

4. Total Control – Paranoid Video

This song has been around a little while now, but the appeal hasn’t worn off for me at all. It’s rare that a new song continues to bug me out after several months, but this one really gets to me. It inspires my spazziest dancing.

5. Illuminati AMS – Drop In

Songs don’t come much more minimal than this, but all the sounds are so well chosen. And I’m addicted to the music video. It’s perfect.

Maybe this is against the rules, but I’d like to give a shout out to Hot Cheetos and Takis by Y.N. RichKids. I can’t help but love it!

Here’s the playlist (click play in the big window and all the songs will play through – or open it in Spotify using the player underneath). Then there’s one from Rich…

See you next time for a playlist from someone you might not expect…