Listener make “Talk-Music“… Dan Smith’s poetic rants over Christin Nelson’s lilting compositions will just blow you away. You have been warned.

The lyrics are amazing, and the live shows are intense and intimate. They come strongly recommended. Try the video at the bottom of the page for a starter.

Dan has been kind enough to make us a playlist of his current top 5 tracks – so have a listen to that…

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Now over to Dan…

There’s so many songs to listen to and all kinds of styles, but here’s 5…

1. Chad VanGaalen – “Molten Light”

I literally can’t get enough of this song. Very nice storytelling to it, very spooky.

2. Sufjan Stevens – “John Wayne Gacy, Jr.”

I think this is one of the creepiest and best written songs. Really slight and to the point and interesting.

3. Mr. Rogers & PBS – “Garden of Your Mind”

You may have to just search on this one, but it’s pretty awesome. You can grow anything in the garden of your mind.

4. Bill Mallonee – “Where my seed might find purchase”

I can’t say how many times we’ve listened to this one in the van late after a show. I love Bill Mallonee’s song writing….and pretty much everything he does.

5. Brandon Reid – “Old Man This Land”

This singer I just came across…..he reminds me of Neil Young, and this song is great…..his new album is all great…..but this song is a pretty cool look at gardening.

Here are the tracks – give them a listen:

For those of you with Spotify, the tunes (that Spotify have) are on this here: playlist

And finally! Here is one from Listener. I dare you not to fall in love with this band.

See you next time… for a band who we think are going to be HUGE.


(Photo: Luca Venter)