The Bots

The Bots are amazing. They’re a teenage 2-piece (they’re 18 and 14 respectively), they’re brothers and they play Black Keys / White Stripes – style raw rock and roll.

They are impossible not to like, and they’re destined for BIG THINGS. Luckily for us, the guys have made us a playlist of their top 5 tracks.

So stop what you’re doing, and LISTEN.

Over to Mikaiah and Anaiah…

The 5 songs we like are:

1. Micachu and the Shapes – Ok

Its sounds like a machine, slow and intense.

2. Is Tropical – Land of the Nod

Upbeat hipster music, it’s a feel good dance tune.

3. Feist – Bittersweet Melodies

Another beautiful piece by Lisa Feist, pure genius.

4. Patrick Watson – Adventures in your Backyard

Its that kind of song that gives you goose bumps, just brilliant.

5. Norah Jones – Miriam

Its a song about cheating and revenge. Another hit by Norah.

Here’s the playlist:

And the Spotify list… (click subscribe to keep it in your Spotify playlists)

And finally, here’s a little number from the Bots. You just have to see them live…