TOY follow in the shoegazey footsteps of their peers The Horrors – making jangling, dreamy music that makes you want to put on loads of eyeliner and then sit in the garden with a glass of port. That may be the worst description of a band ever. Oh well.

ANYWAY, these guys play lo-fi tunes that will rock you gently – and it’s high time that you gave them a listen.

First though, the band have picked out their top 5 tracks of the moment… see why they like them, and listen to them below.

Over to TOY…

1 – Hawkwind – Opa Loka

Instrumental from 1975 album Warrior On The Edge Of Time. Influenced by Neu!

2 – Psychic TV – Roman P

A song about Roman Polanski, contains a message from Mr Sebastian a spokesman for Thee Temple Ov Psychick Youth as well as snippets of speeches from Charles Manson and Jim Jones. Great pop song.

3 – Durutti Column – For Belgian Friends

Beautiful floaty song from from Vini Reilly dedicated to all his Belgian Friends.

4 – Robert Wyatt – At last I am Free

Chic cover from the 1982 compilation ‘Nothing Can Stop Us’

5 – Girls – Vomit

Great song by a band we played with recently

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And finally… here’s a tune from TOY. Have a butch.