We look for 3 things in a band: great tunes, a charismatic vocalist, and a drummer with a massive moustache. Citizens! do not disappoint in any of these areas.

Upbeat, dancey, catchy, great. Just listen to them if you aren’t already. Lovely.

SO – Tom Burke, the band’s front-man has picked out his top 5 tracks for us. Check out his list below and give it a listen in the player.

Over to Tom…

1 – Martin Rev – Mari

Garage junkies from New York don’t often have the compositional skills of JS Bach but this guy does.

2 – Kindness – Cyan

This is the most original song on Adam’s stunning album. A soulful melody and, like the rest of it, groovier than God’s own woodwork shop in heaven.

3 – David Bowie – Always Crashing In The Same Car

I can relate to this lyric. Its reassuring to think that someone who has achieved as much as David Bowie had by this point would regard himself as constantly making the same mistakes.

4 – Flaming Lips – Race For The Prize

Wayne Coyne can pull off big lyrics without ever sounding pretentious or sentimental. He is living proof that if you are weird enough you can get away with whatever you want.

5 – Frank Ocean – Super Rich Kids

I’ve been trying to remix this with SFA’s ‘The Man Don’t Give A Fuck.’ If I ever get it to work you’ll love it.

Here’s the playlist on YouTube (press play and they’ll all play through):

Or on Spotify (press play and hit subscribe):

And here’s one from Citizens! – you already know it. It was one of the songs of the summer. It’s ace.

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