Kyla La Grange

Today’s top 5 list has been picked out by Kyla La Grange

Kyla is cracking. She’s from Watford, she has an amazing husky voice and her music will lodge itself in your ears for days. She is one to tell your friends about. Do so.

Kyla has picked her top 5 tracks for us – so have a little listen to the tunes, and maybe you’ll find something you love:

1 – Jacob Golden – Revenge Songs

This guy released one album only, and it’s so beautiful that I can’t believe more people don’t know about it. This is my favourite song from it.

2 – Band of Horses – The Funeral

My favourite music often seems to be music that combines really intimate empty moments with huge epic choruses. This song does exactly that – goes from heart-breaking to heart-swelling in seconds.

3 – Bastille – Bad Blood

I heard them play a stripped down version of this the other day and i loved it. I hadn’t heard their music before so I went and bought this, and it’s great – kind of dancey electro but with really folky harmonies and vocal melodies.

4 – Leonard Cohen – Chelsea Hotel No.2

One of my favourite songs ever. I wish i had been young in the sixties. This song was apparently written about Janis Joplin, though Leonard Cohen said later on that he regretted telling people that.

5 – Cat Power – Naked If I Want To

Cat power is pretty much my hero. I listen to her songs all the time. This one is a cover, and it’s brilliant, makes me feel like I should being doing all the things I am too scared to do.

Here’s the Spotify playlist (subscribe and listen):

Here’s all the songs in one handy YouTube playlist:

And finally – here’s one from Kyla:

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