Sick Of It All

Sick Of It All are NYC hardcore legends – abrasive, all-out, and still going strong. This is a list we’re VERY excited about…

Lou Koller (vocals) has picked out his current top 5 tracks – have a read, then listen to the playlist below.

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Over to Lou…

Here’s what I, Lou Koller from SICK OF IT ALL, have been listening to these past few months.

1. MADBALL: The Beast

This one is off MADBALL’s latest ep “Rebellion”.  Pure MADBALL style! The style that has influenced generations of Hardcore and Metal bands, with just a hint of Punk and a little of what’s to come. One of the best!


There is not one bad song on this album, so hard to choose just one. I went with the title track because it has so much emotion and such a great positive way to look at the changes we all must face. Don’t sleep on this record!

3. THE SKINTS: Rise Up

Another one with not one bad song on it! I can just put this on and let it take me on a journey as it moves seamlessly from one track to another without being repetitive or boring! Again I could have went with any song but chose the opener cause you might as well start at the beginning. Hope to see big things for them in the future! (ah to be young and talented…)

4. SHEER TERROR: Heresy On The Monkey Bars

NYHC veterans come out of retirement with a vengeance on this track! It’s from a 3 song single that puts to shame a lot of today’s “Hardcore” acts. Another band that has such a wide influence in the world of heavy music.

5. BORN ANNOYING: Rebel Souls

Kids from South Jersey playing thrashy hardcore punk that has that East Coast groove running through it. When I was 14 we used to skate down the street and “Guidos” (see The Jersey Shore) would drive past and throw shit at us. So we’d carry “D” size batteries and throw them at their cars. We shattered many Trans-Am and IROC side windows doing that. (Thankfully they never caught us or they would have beat my skinny ass). That’s what Rebel Souls is about to me. A FUCK YOU to all the DICKS out there. Plus it makes me want to mosh! This song has been on repeat in my car for weeks now! 

Here’s the playlist – give them a listen:

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Born Annoying aren’t on YouTube – play their song here:

And finally, the whole playlist is also on Spotify HERE


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