Wall is a soft-whispery-indie-electro singer/songwriter from London who you’re going to hear BIG things about this year.

With minimal compositions, subtle heartbreaking vocals and emotion by the bucketload, look no further if you need a soundtrack for your next late-night walk.

Wall has been kind enough to pick out her top 5 tracks for us – check her choices below…

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Now over to Wall – check her favourite songs, and make sure you give her video a watch as well, because it’s ace. Go:

1 – Pain In My Heart – Otis Redding

I like a song that can make me really happy and uplifted but that also makes my imagination run wild. I usually like to daydream I was in the band or the band photographer or something, playing out touring with them – the good times.
It’s not like you can forget about Otis but I was reminded of my love for him on a beach in Matala in Crete where I went on holiday last year. My favourite beach bar was called ‘Rock Radio’. They only ever played Otis or Queen and gave me free salami. I wish I was back there now.

2 – Give Out – Sharon Van Etten

A more recent love, I’m feeling guilty for not knowing about her previous two lesser-known albums. Last year’s Tramp is like a musical match made in heaven. Aaron Dessner’s production and Etten’s voice make for something perfect. She performed the song Give Out on Later and the harmonic shifts and her deadpan delivery made me fall pretty deep.

3 – This Boy – The Beatles

2 minutes and 15 seconds of pure pop bliss. Watch the video on youtube, their faces are lovely. It’s like they’re in class and they got the giggles. Effortlessly wonderful, massively arrogant, cheeky, young Beatles.

4 – Periodically Double or Triple – Yo La Tengo

My boyfriend used to play this in his blue bus on the way home from shows. He is basically in love with them to a point of being massively geeky. For example, right now he’s really poor but just ordered a YLT T-shirt in brown, which made me annoyed. They’re an insanely diverse band, and really interesting. We went to see them play at The Royal Festival Hall for their Spin The Wheel Tour in 2011 and they basically spin a wheel to decide what the first set will be. We got a loud garage rock set from one of their side-shoot bands (all the same members), then in the second set they went on to play YLT stuff. Amazing.

5 – Forever – The Beach Boys

It’s completely mushy but it’s one of my favourite songs of all time because I’m a hopeless romantic. Denis Wilson sings it so purely it makes me weep.

Here’s the whole playlist:

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