Arrows of Love

Arrows of Love are like a lo-fi, young, sexed-up and angry cross between Faith No More and Sonic Youth. They’re great. I’m really looking forward to catching their live show. I imagine it’s going to be wild.

These guys may just be the present of rock and roll. Does that make sense? SURE.

Regardless, Nima and Lyndsey from the band have swung by and given us their own top 5 tracks… check their playlists below. Sweet.

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Over to Arrows of Love – check their selections:

Nima’s choices

1 – Shellac – Squirrel Song

I only discovered this band after we started recording the album, and they became one of my favourite bands pretty much instantly.

There’s about 10 songs of theirs that are in my Top 5, but i think Squirrel Song has got all the elements of what makes them great: next-level precision, awareness of each other, sickeningly good tones from bass, drums and guitar, the direct scathing qualities of Steve Albini’s voice mixed with his self-aware humour, and all that would be nothing without the sheer awesome power of their riffs and one of the best drops in guitar-based music. It fucking rules.

2 – Sparklehorse – Chaos of The Galaxy / Ode to a Happy Man

This guy saw things most people will never see. I heard he died and came back to life before writing the Good Morning Spider album, and i think you can hear that if you listen to the whole thing.

nyway, this ‘track’ off that album starts with a waltz tune, which he then tunes away from with a transistor radio, and tunes to another ‘radio station’ playing a simple rockin garage song, which he teases you with, but never lets it tune in properly so you’re left wanting more…then he tunes back to the waltz, and finally when he tunes it over to the song again (Happy Man) the drums and whole production flood your speakers and make you feel like you’re coming up on something. Listen with speakers up loud.

3 – Country Teasers – Blackchange

I love the production, i love his post-rock’n’roll style, i love his driving cool-ass riffs, and the song is very very funny.

4 – Moondog – Bird’s Lament

This has been sampled by modern folk so new listeners might end up recognizing the main theme, which he builds up to bit by bit throughout the piece and only actually plays once. Anyway, i might get my facts wrong here – hard to separate myths from truths – but i heard when he composed this genius piece he was a blind old man living on the streets. Which is a testament to the power of the human mind.

5 – Eric Satie – Gnossienne No.1

I’m not sure what it says about me that the 5th track was a tossup between this and the Rocky montage theme tune but there you go.

Anyway, this piece needs no words. Just lie down, light up a smoke, and listen.

Lyndsey’s choices

1 – Beauty Queen/Horses by Tori Amos

Up until I was sixteen, my musical tastes were whatever I’d heard through my parents (namely Motown & Hair Metal) or whatever was on the radio (the glorious nineties!). Three months before the end of my music GCSE, a sub-teacher called Mr Jones volunteered to voice-coach me during lunch hours, and this is the song we performed. It was the start of my love affair with alternative music.

2 – Lateralus by Tool

I love this band to death. It’s hard to choose a favourite track, but as this one is based on the Fibonacci sequence, it’s definitely up there. Talking about the infinite possibilities of the universe, some find this band pretentious. I sold my TV to go watch them when I was seventeen, it was pretty much a religious experience.

3 – Y by iamamiwhoami

It was the videos that first blew me away by this band, and gradually I became addicted to listening to this song in particular. Besides being perfect for listening to when in a crappy mood on the tube, the combination of music and visuals from them is by far the most exciting, original, creative and inspiring thing I’ve seen in a bloody long time.

4 – Nutshell by Alice In Chains

My friend Joe introduced me to this band. I watched the MTV Unplugged performance for the first time after Layne Staley had already passed away, it’s pretty heart wrenching stuff. It feels like he knew he wasn’t going to be sticking around.

5 – Claire de Lune by Debussy

To me, this is the sonic equivalent of perfection. Whenever I listen to it I almost feel like I’m dying and looking back on my life and the whole world with an overwhelming nostalgia. It has ultimate resolve. Flawless.

Here’s the whole playlist of all the songs – hit play and they’ll all play through…

And for those on the go, get them from iTunes:

And finally – check this one from Arrows of Love. Then imagine it live. Then check when they’re playing near you and GO.

Lovely. See you next time. Or speak to you on @top5tracks. Whatever.