Funeral For A Friend

Funeral for a Friend – you will almost certainly know these guys. They’re a bunch of Welsh rockers who’ve been going for over a decade, and their debut album “Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation” was one of the staples of the 2000s emo scene.

Still going strong – and on tour at the moment…. the guys have dropped in to pick out their top 5 tracks. Check their choices below.

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Over to Kris from FFAF – here are his top 5 tracks:

1 – Only You – The Flying Pickets

Probably the most played song I have on iTunes. This song (though not this version) features in one of my all time favourite TV show moments in “The Office” Christmas special.

2 – Rookie – BoySetsFire

This song had such a massive influence on me and perfectly illustrates how music can be both melodic and aggressive.

3 – Water and Solutions – Far

The title track from a masterpiece of an album. Years before their time and one of my all time favourite bands.

4 – Shedding Skin – Pantera

Dimebag was the greatest all-round guitar player ever and this band completely changed my outlook on heavy music. The main riff in this track has an outrageous grove.

5 – Stand By Me – Ben E. King

This song has been recorded by so many different artists and I don’t think I’ve ever heard a bad version, which is a mark of a truly brilliant song. This could possibly be my favourite song ever written.

Done. Here’s the playlist:

And if you’re on the move, pick up the songs on iTunes:

Finally – here’s a new one from FFAF – bang your head.

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