History of Apple Pie

History of Apple Pie are your new favourite band – these guys put together an intensely loveable blend of soft vocals, jangly guitars and uplifting melodies.

If I were making a coming-of-age-teenage-rom-com (which unfortunately I’m not), these guys would definitely be on the soundtrack. Probably at the point where the hero/heroine finally has a kiss.

Lucky for us, the band have picked out their top 5 tracks – check the list below.

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Over to HOAP:

1 – Stereolab – Flower Called Nowhere

It’s snowing today and this is the perfect song for it!

2 – Radiohead – Planet Telex

This is how all album openers should sound!

3 – Blur – Tame

B-side to Stereotypes, love the guitar sound in this one.

4 – The Strokes – Take It Or Leave It

There’s a great MTV ‘$2 bill’ clip of this live.

5 – Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Rich

Another great opener, lets you know everything you need to know about the band and the album that’s about to follow.

Short and sweet. Here’s the playlist:

And here are the tunes on iTunes:

And finally, here’s some History of Apple Pie for your waiting ears:

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