Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart is a dub-legend… he started out bending genre definitions in the Pop Group, and since then his travels have seen him work with On-U-Sound and inspire an emerging Industrial scene.

With his background, Mark’s clearly got an interesting taste in music – luckily he’s been kind enough to drop in and give us his top 5 tracks – check out his selections below.

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Right, over to Mark…

1 – Virginia Plain – Roxy Music

My current number 1, when I was 14 Roxy’s mix of glam / power electronics courtesy of Eno and what was later called Art Punk was mindblowing

2 – Blank Generation – Richard Hell

Mr Hell virtually invented punk rock with his first band the Neon Boys and this track summed up our generation and it was an absolute honour to work with him on my last album ‘The Politics Of Envy’.

3 – Jenny Take A Ride – Mitch Ryder and the Detroit Wheels

Amazing garage rock, I was talking to him and Iggy Pop recently about how Motown had such a big influence on them both growing up in Detroit .

4 – City Too Hot – Lee Perry

The summer song for me, Lee is the dub master, a true alchemist of sound and dueting with him in the studio recently was the bomb respect.

5 – I’ve Been a Bad Bad Boy – Paul Jones

The lead singer from Manfred Mann with this fantastic track from THE SIXTIES MOVIE PRIVILEGE.

Here’s the playlist, wrap your ears around it:

Or if you’re on the go, get the tunes on iTunes here:

Finally, for those who don’t know… here’s one by Mark Stewart (with Nik Void of Factory Floor and PiL’s Keith Levene):

Lovely, see you next time.