Best Friends

Best Friends make riotous garage-surf-rock with good times for all. Get ready for Summer. I haven’t seen them live, but I imagine they’re REALLY good fun. Put them on your to-do list.

The band have all got together and picked out this top 5 tracks for your listening pleasure. So sit back and get pleased.

Over to Best Friends:

1 – Brown Brogues – May I Walk With You   (Lewis Sharman)

Me and Tom went to their debut album release show recently and it was well good. They have a sense of humor too.

2 – Sleater Kinney – You’re No Rock n Roll Fun   (Ed Crisp)

I love this band and this song. There’s talk of them reforming, but I don’t know if that’s true. I hope it is so that I can throw my love poetry manuscripts at Carrie Brownstein.

3 – The Be Sharps – Baby on Board   (Jack Collister)

4 – The Lemonheads – If I Could Talk I’d Tell You   (Tom Roper)

One of my favourite Lemonheads songs – it’s about when Evan Dando couldn’t talk in an interview because he’d smoked too much crack beforehand. Jack and I saw The Lemonheads last year and they played It’s A Shame About Ray the whole way through – Evan will never grow old!

So we didn’t fight about who’s getting 2 songs we got our friend to have one…

5 – Diarrhea Planet – Ghost With a Boner!   (Apple Armstrong)

THIS SONG IS SO GOOD! It’s got a really simple catchy riff plus you can shout ‘ghost with a boner’ loads. Would really like the see them live but don’t think they’ve been over yet. Basically this song is cool as shit and I love listening to it…

 Here’s the playlist, drink it in:

Obviously these songs aren’t on Spotify. Get over it.

Here’s one from Best Friends: