Oi oi, more UK rock for your ears now – this time from Hemel’s own SCHOLARS.

These guys play anthemic upbeat rock with a sense of humour, and they’ve picked out their top 5 tracks for our listening pleasure.

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Over to Scholars…

I’m Sam Nicholls, I sing for Scholars and here’s what I’ve been into recently.

1 – Now, Now – Thread

As a painfully obsessive Death Cab for Cutie Fan, anything on Chris Walla’s Trans Records is probably going to do it for me. I like Thread because it starts in the middle of the song, because of its satisfying ‘chords-on-the-organ’ chorus and because of the odd-sounding reverb-drenched claps in the verses. Like a huge fish slapping a massive backside in a wind tunnel.

2 – Blur – Popscene

Saw Blur at Hyde Park during the ‘Lympics and it was a little bit special. For me Popscene is far and away their greatest. Upbeat and eccentric, grand brass and orrible British guitar tones that make you grit your teeth when you turn it up.

3 – Aesop Rock – Racing Stripes

So far I’ve struggled to find this Californian alt hip-hop artist in a British record shop (folks think I’m asking for A$AP ROCKY). It’s very Del The Funky Homosapien but there’s something really interesting about the tongue-in-cheek, oddball lyrics and the way they’re delivered. This track is about bad haircuts.

4 – The Computers – Love Triangles, Hate Squares

I’ve loved this band ever since they dragged their sweaty, filthy “white” uniforms into a tiny community centre in my home town and pulled down a couple of ceiling tiles. They’re a punk band at heart, painted a hundred different shades of retro from old time rock’n’roll to the faux-town of which this track is a great example. Genuinely angry tambourine.

5 – Paramore – Now

I wouldn’t exactly say Paramore are my favourite band but this is Hayley’s finest hour in my opinion. Honest lyrics, nicely produced with a touch of ‘Yeah Yeah Yeah’s’ style slapback verb here and there. Frankly amazing vocal takes on here too. Song is well put-together with the payoff in the massive chorus and big hook. It’s a solid pop-rocker.

Here’s the list – listen up: Press play and the whole list will play.

As per, Spotify doesn’t have 2 of the tunes – check YouTube above for them…

Here’s one from Scholars:

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