The Smoking Hearts

The Smoking Hearts play raucous party-punk. Simple formula, well executed. This is the ideal soundtrack for jumping over a fire, throwing yourself off a roof or doing the dishes quite quickly. Whichever floats your boat.

Anyway, Simon (guitars) has picked his top 5 tracks for us. Check them out below – and follow @top5tracks or click LIKE in theFacebook box on the right for more top 5 lists. BIG bands coming up soon…

Over to Simon…

1. Rotting Out – ‘Laugh Now, Die Later’

I was only introduced to RO fairly recently by a friend who’s way more in the loop than me, and I was hooked right away. To me they’re at the ‘punk’ end of hardcore, which I love. I caught them live recently with Expire, and they smash it live too! This track has a really catchy hook that’ll have you singing along by the end of your first listen.

2. Kvelertak – ‘Bruane Brenn’

I fell in love with Kvelertak the first time I ever heard them. When we played Soundwave last year I made a point of watching them every day. They sing in their native Norwegian so I can’t comment on lyrical content, but they have so many great riffs, so many classic songs, and ‘Bruane Brenn’ is up there with the best of them.

3. Ceremony – ‘Sick’

‘Rohnert Park’ is one of my favourite records of (fairly) recent times, and ‘Sick’ kicks the whole thing off perfectly. The riff is so simple and stripped down, and the vocals are so raw. A modern punk rock classic.

4. The Bronx – ‘Pilot Light’

The Bronx are a band that just always get it right, and make it seem effortless. Bronx IV is so melodic, yet still completely punk rock. ‘Pilot Light’ will be stuck in your head for days.

5. Converge – ‘Sadness Comes Home’

Converge just seem to go from strength to strength, and ‘All We Love…’ was no exception. ‘Sadness Comes Home’ is probably my favourite track from the album, i just love the whole dynamic, with the slow crushing intro, then breaking into that crazy finger-tapping…maybe one of my favourite Converge songs ever.

Here’s the lists:

Now have a listen to this one from the smoking hearts: