Is Tropical

Is Tropical are anĀ indie-dance-electronica trio from London with a back-catalogue of tunes ready to soundtrack your summer. It’s the kind of music that you’ll put on and then realise a couple of minutes later that you’ve been dancing at your desk. Give it a go.

The band have taken some time out to select their top 5 tracks for our listening pleasure. Have a listen to their choices below.

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Over to Is Tropical…

1 – Happy Trendy – January 6

Random track that I can’t remember how I found it. But now I’ve been emailing him and getting him to send everything he has!

2 – Toy – Motoring

These dudes are not only very sexy but also very nice! Look forward to their very bright future.

3 – Poolside – Harvest Moon

Recently this is all I listen to, massive summer vibes. I really hope we cross paths this summer at a festival.

4 – Crystal Fighters – You & I

We’re so tight with CF, even have the bro tats to prove it! We toured North America with them last year and plan to do a bit of Europe with them this summer. Their music touches deep!

5 – Ashworth – Mutiny

We’ve been friends for a long time with Joe and this is his new side project from Joe & Will Ask? Also he has done an amazing remix of our first single Dancing Anymore!

Here’s the playlist:

Spotify have only got 3 of the tunes:

And here’s the new single from Is Tropical – bit of a warning, the video is pretty punchy, and DEFINITELY NOT SAFE FOR WORK:

If you are at work, listen to the tune here instead:

Good stuff, see you next time.