Off With Their Heads

Off With Their Heads – superb punk-rock with introspective lyrics. Amazing band. Enough said.

Head-honcho Ryan Young has picked out his top 5 tracks – have a look at what he has to say, then listen to the songs below. Done.

Over to Ryan:

1 – The National – Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks

One of my favorite songs by my one of my favorite bands. If you listen to the lyrics, its really meaningful. Then you read an interview with the singer and find out that a lot of the lyrics he writes don’t mean anything at all, they just sound cool. Either way, awesome.

2 – Dinosaur Jr. – Feel The Pain

I love this band and this song. It reminds me of when I got into music really heavily. These guys are odd and on paper don’t really make sense. Thats why they are one of the greats.

3 – Nirvana – Drain You

Duh. These were the guys that made me realize that its not technical ability that makes a great band. I was able to play most of this record the first 6 months I was playing guitar (badly, but still). Never get sick of this song.

4 – Reigning Sound – Time Bomb High School

This entire record is great front to back, but having to pick one, this would be it. One of the few bands that I feel really captured that sound perfectly.

5 – Mike Doughty – I Hear The Bells

I was always a big Soul Coughing fan, but Mike’s solo stuff is light years better. This is a song that actually makes me smile, and that’s no small feat.

Here’s the YouTube playlist – listen up and listen good:

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And here’s one from Off With Their Heads:


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