Young Fathers

Fans of alt hip-hop rejoice…

Young Fathers are based in Edinburgh, signed to super-cool LA label Anticon and their live show will pummel you senseless and leave you wanting more.

Somewhere underneath the wall of bass and lo-fi samples, these guys produce vocal hooks with a real beauty to them. Think Death Grips with greater pop sensibility and you’re half way there.

Check out what ‘G’ from Young Fathers picked for his top 5 tracks below:

1 – Paragons / U-Roy – Flashing My Whip

This is a dub by U-Roy of The Paragons “Smile It’s A New Day”. U-Roy’s toasting is beautiful and rap was invented. Voila.

2 – Lou Reed – Sad Song

The best ending to an album. Everybody waving goodbye smiling.

3 – Fridgemaster – Sigh No More

Trippy with a big pay off. Rum goes well with this.

4 – Lil B – I’m A Martian

Fucking exciting. Love how his tracks sound on the edge. He’s well ahead.

5 – LAW – Hustle

We made this together almost a year ago. She performed it a few weeks ago and I heard it for the first time all over again. I want everyone to hear it.

 Listen to the whole playlist on YouTube right here:

Only two of the tunes are on Spotify:

And here’s one from the awesome Young Fathers:

Back soon.

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