Plymouth’s Woahnows play “indie-punk”, and they play it REALLY WELL. Great lyrics, rabble-rousing shout-alongs and excellent tunes. I love this band.

Tim (guitar & vocals) has been a gent and picked out his top 5 tracks – check em out below… over to Tim.

1 – Blink 182 – M+Ms

I think I was about 12 when I got hold of the first Blink 182 record. I think at that point I honestly thought I was gonna make a band and either being playing shows, partying or at the skatepark for the rest of my life! Unfortunately that didn’t quite work out, but this song (and whole album) is awesome and totally got me started on punk.

2 – Martha Reeves & The Vandellas – Dancing in the Street

As a kid I used to love when my Mum would play Motown records nice and loud. That’s always stuck with me and we have an extensive soul playlist that’s a firm favourite in the van. This is just one of many I could have picked really. Although it comes from a ‘corporate hit machine,’ apparently this song became a real anthem within the civil rights movement, plus whole idea of dancing in the street and feeling a sense of ownership of where you live is pretty cool.

3 – Wintersleep – Dead Letter and the Infinite Yes

It’s just a beautiful song. The whole album’s great but this song is just extra special in my opinion. Pretty sure I did a terrible cover of it somewhere in Serbia, fucked the words up, but worth a go I guess. I was always going to fall short anyway.

4 – The Sidekicks – DMT

I’m a real big Hop Along fan, and these guys came over on tour supporting them. I had deliberately not checked them out before the show. The venue was some arts space with super sketchy sound, they opened with this one and instantly became my new favourite band.

5 – Hop Along – Laments

It’s really hard to just pick one song from this record. I love the arrangements, they almost seem to hide away lots of the poppy bits to make sure you’re really with them all the way. It’s very tastefully written, which is why I think so many people fall so hard for this band. I did. Great songs always help I suppose, so well thought out and full of nice little surprises.

Have a listen to Tim’s playlist in the players below:

And finally, check out this from Woahnows.

See you next time.


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