Franz Nicolay

What’s the man with the moustache listening to? GOOD QUESTION.

This top 5 comes courtesy of Franz Nicolay – Vaudevillian squeezebox-player extraordinaire.

Franz used to be in the Hold Steady, but now does a good line in popping up all over the place (is that him on stage with Against Me!?), and playing wicked solo shows with an accordion.

Franz has put together a list of crackers here – get listening and see what you think.

In his own words:

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Great Cynics

Today’s top 5 tracks is brought to you by… Giles from Great Cynics.

If you don’t know Great Cynics, then you need to sort that out, and go and listen to their album Don’t Need Much. It’s a banger – it’s summery, it’s bouncy, it’s punk-folky and it speaks my language.

Giles has submitted his top 5 songs that he’s into to at the moment – have a butchers and see if any of them tickle your fancy.

Subscribe to the Spotify list and sync it on your phone to take on the tube – or just press play on the YouTube player below, stick Firefox behind your spreadsheet and have a listen at work. Boom.

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The First Top 5 Tracks

So – this is the first Top 5 Tracks…

I’m going to be posting top-5-song playlists from all sorts of interesting people on this page – but to start things off, here’s my own top 5 of the moment.

These are the tracks I’ve been listening to – a mixed bag of moody female-fronted indie, punk rock and chilled electro.

Have a listen to the playlist on Spotify or play the whole set in the YouTube player below…

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What are you listening to?

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