Oi oi, more UK rock for your ears now – this time from Hemel’s own SCHOLARS.

These guys play anthemic upbeat rock with a sense of humour, and they’ve picked out their top 5 tracks for our listening pleasure.

Have a listen to the list, and like us on Facebook / follow us on twitter etc. The next list is coming from one of my favourite bands of all time. HUGE.

Over to Scholars…

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The Smoking Hearts

The Smoking Hearts play raucous party-punk. Simple formula, well executed. This is the ideal soundtrack for jumping over a fire, throwing yourself off a roof or doing the dishes quite quickly. Whichever floats your boat.

Anyway, Simon (guitars) has picked his top 5 tracks for us. Check them out below – and follow @top5tracks or click LIKE in theFacebook box on the right for more top 5 lists. BIG bands coming up soon…

Over to Simon…

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Best Friends

Best Friends make riotous garage-surf-rock with good times for all. Get ready for Summer. I haven’t seen them live, but I imagine they’re REALLY good fun. Put them on your to-do list.

The band have all got together and picked out this top 5 tracks for your listening pleasure. So sit back and get pleased.

Over to Best Friends:

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Funeral For A Friend

Funeral for a Friend – you will almost certainly know these guys. They’re a bunch of Welsh rockers who’ve been going for over a decade, and their debut album “Casually Dressed and Deep in Conversation” was one of the staples of the 2000s emo scene.

Still going strong – and on tour at the moment…. the guys have dropped in to pick out their top 5 tracks. Check their choices below.

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Over to Kris from FFAF – here are his top 5 tracks:

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History of Apple Pie

History of Apple Pie are your new favourite band – these guys put together an intensely loveable blend of soft vocals, jangly guitars and uplifting melodies.

If I were making a coming-of-age-teenage-rom-com (which unfortunately I’m not), these guys would definitely be on the soundtrack. Probably at the point where the hero/heroine finally has a kiss.

Lucky for us, the band have picked out their top 5 tracks – check the list below.

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Over to HOAP:

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Mark Stewart

Mark Stewart is a dub-legend… he started out bending genre definitions in the Pop Group, and since then his travels have seen him work with On-U-Sound and inspire an emerging Industrial scene.

With his background, Mark’s clearly got an interesting taste in music – luckily he’s been kind enough to drop in and give us his top 5 tracks – check out his selections below.

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Right, over to Mark…

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Arrows of Love

Arrows of Love are like a lo-fi, young, sexed-up and angry cross between Faith No More and Sonic Youth. They’re great. I’m really looking forward to catching their live show. I imagine it’s going to be wild.

These guys may just be the present of rock and roll. Does that make sense? SURE.

Regardless, Nima and Lyndsey from the band have swung by and given us their own top 5 tracks… check their playlists below. Sweet.

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Over to Arrows of Love – check their selections:

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Polly Scattergood

Polly Scattergood is a singer songwriter from Colchester who will melt your heart. She has an air of fragility that makes you want to give her a hug, and her songs will lodge themselves in your head for days.

She’s got a new album out this year – and you are strongly advised to check it out…

Polly has been good enough to drop by with her top 5 tracks – check out her playlist below, and follow @top5tracks on Twitter or click LIKE in the Facebook box on the right because we have some really big names picking playlists soon.

Right, over to Polly:

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