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Oi oi, more UK rock for your ears now – this time from Hemel’s own SCHOLARS.

These guys play anthemic upbeat rock with a sense of humour, and they’ve picked out their top 5 tracks for our listening pleasure.

Have a listen to the list, and like us on Facebook / follow us on twitter etc. The next list is coming from one of my favourite bands of all time. HUGE.

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History of Apple Pie

History of Apple Pie are your new favourite band – these guys put together an intensely loveable blend of soft vocals, jangly guitars and uplifting melodies.

If I were making a coming-of-age-teenage-rom-com (which unfortunately I’m not), these guys would definitely be on the soundtrack. Probably at the point where the hero/heroine finally has a kiss.

Lucky for us, the band have picked out their top 5 tracks – check the list below.

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