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Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun

Jim Lockey & the Solemn Sun hail from Cheltenham, and play country-folk-rock-punk that will soothe your souls.

Shaking off comparisons with the current indie-folk scene, JL&TSS inject a fair bit more rock into proceedings – and it works a treat.

Have a go on their tune at the bottom of the page, you’ll like it. Yep.

The band have pulled together their top 5 tracks for us below – so check em out, and have a listen in either YouTube or Spotify. Get the headphones in… NOW.

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Frank Turner

Frank Turner needs no introduction…

If you don’t already know him, then you need to pull yourself together, purchase his back catalogue quick-smart and start listening.

He seems to always be on tour, and enough people are catching on that he’s going to be playing Wembley Arena (!) in April.

Frank’s taken some time out of his hectic schedule to put together the following list of tunes he’s into at the moment – so open your ears and press play.

Over to Frank:

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